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The Mobile Market Community Council, made up of a collaborative team of Wyandotte County residents and community partners are working together to roll out the Dotte Mobile Grocer in KCK in early 2019.

This grocery store on wheels aims to improve life for Kansas City, Kansas residents by bringing fresh, affordable food to their neighborhoods. The Dotte Mobile Grocer, which will accept most forms of payment, including WIC and SNAP/EBT payment options.

The Dotte Mobile Grocer will be one of the first WIC-approved mobile markets in the nation.

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In 2016, Humana and the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County began discussing how to address food insecurity in Wyandotte County.

Following that conversation, a group of students and faculty from the University of Kansas began studying the region’s food landscape and interviewing Wyandotte County residents to better understand their needs. Affordability was the number one priority that was heard.

The team used their research to help develop the Dotte Mobile Grocer and — with support from a handful of community partner ­— developed an operational business plan.

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Grants funded the purchase of a used beverage delivery truck that University of Kansas School of Architecture students have equipped with shelving and other features to make grocery shopping at the Dotte Mobile Grocer more convenient.

Their goal was to design a grocery shopping experience for residents that do not have easy access to grocery stores.

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In early 2018, Kansas City, Kansas residents were invited to form the Mobile Market Community Council (MMCC) to help guide the development and operations of the Dotte Mobile Grocer.

The MMCC has worked together to make important decisions, including our locations and hours of operation, develop a product list (both WIC-approved and other product lines), and guide how the Dotte Mobile Grocer will connect with our community.

The MMCC also worked with local graphic design firm Carpenter Collective to develop the Dotte Mobile Grocer name, logo, and brand.

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The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has also worked with NourishKC and the Mobile Market Community Council over the last year to update an ordinance that allows mobile markets to better serve residents.

The Dotte Mobile Grocer will now be able to park in parking lots at various community locations throughout Kansas City, Kansas. Upon its launch, the Dotte Mobile Grocer is expecting to serve 15 KCK community locations a week.